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Classic Style Blue
Equal Earth Projection

Wall Map of- the-World. Classic blue. 24" x 48". Image. Caribbean Sea. cartoNuance.
Wall Map of the World. Classic blue. 24" x 48". Image with frame. cartoNuance.

$49.00 ( 24″ x 48″ )


World Wall Map. Classice Style Blue. Equal Earth Projection.

Classic World map designed using the new Equal Earth. The Equal Earth projection shows countries and continents at their true sizes relative to each other. Africa appears 14 times larger than Greenland as it actually is.

Just enough detail. The 2,600+ map labels provide geographic context without overwhelming you with too much information.

Professional design. Pleasing colors, readable type, and clear visual hierarchies.

Cartographic information
  • 1st Edition, 2020
  • Scale along the Equator: 1: 29 000 000
  • Projection: Equal Earth
  • Map labels are in English.
  • Dimensions: 24″x 48″ ( 61 cm X 122 cm )
  • Cartographer: Tom Patterson
  • Cartographic enhancements: Jacques Gélinas
Print Quality
  • Printed on Epson photographic poster paper.
  • Resin-coated satin surface finish. Low glare characteristics.
  • Water resistant.
  • Soft, easy to handle, rolls out easily.
  • Basis Weight: 210 gsm (grams per square meter)
  • Thickness: 9 mil / 0.23 mm
  • Brightness: 140%
  • Whiteness: 90%

  • Printed in Quebec.
  • Printing system: Epson Sure Color.
  • High resolution print: 1440 x 2880 ppi (points per inch)
  • Printing with Epson UltraChrome XD durable bright colour pigment inks.
Mounting & Framing

This print is suitable for lamination, mounting on a substrate and framing. Professionals specialized in these fields will be able to advise you according to your decoration needs.


If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to hang this wall map yourself, we recommend that you take a look at Poster Hanging Strips by 3M .

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Wall Map of the World. Classic blue. 24" x 48". Dimensions. cartoNuance.

$49.00 ( 24″ x 48″ )

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